Other Services


Additional Services include:

  • Fly Repellant – This can be a single product or amalgamated into the odour neutraliser
  • Odour sachets (can include proven fly reduction) for any suitable application such as council, vehicles, retail and camping
  • Subtle Background Fragrances (Hotels, Retail…)
  • Kitchen Extraction
  • Consultation
  • Fabrication
  • Electrical Engineering


  • Aircraft Toilet Flush Deodorisers
  • Unique Bitumen/Sulphur neutralising
  • Landfill Neutralising/Deodorising compounds
  • A masking agent for one of the strongest Odour threshold materials used in major industry (DMSO) Dimethyl Disulphide in Europe and the USA
  • Bespoke neutralising compound for addition to the Plastic Recycling waste material process
  • Supplies a Petromusk compound additive for neutralising offensive Petroleum derived materials in Egypt and Europe
  • Alamask compounds to Adhesive manufacturers